​Research and Production


Thanks to AgReliant Genetics' research program, LG Seeds is always on the leading edge of hybrid development—guaranteeing a continuous flow of superior genetics.  Our worldwide network includes direct access to banks of elite germplasm from Limagrain and KWS, two of the largest seed companies in the world. In the United States and Canada, our 13 research facilities test beyond 100,000 hybrid combinations a year in Grower, NET and Research Plots, using advanced technologies for planting and harvesting. Our standards are high - on average, only 10 new hybrids go into production each year.


AgReliant Genetics takes every precaution to ensure the availability and quality of the best LG Seeds hybrids. Our 10 growing areas in the Midwest and Canada are supplemented by years of experience with counter-season production in South America. Every lot of seed is carefully evaluated and controlled by our own quality-assurance department. And winter grow-outs at our AgReliant Genetics research station in Puerto Rico provide added assurance. The result—a reliable supply of the quality hybrids you need.