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The Processes and Importance of Crop Residue Management

by Ryan Dunsbergen | Oct 30, 2015

As we wrap up harvest and begin to look forward to next season, there is a common question among growers.  Why were my crops so tall this year?  This was a difficult year to get a firm handle on the typical height characteristics of varieties because, once again, we had a not-so-typical year.  I am not really sure what “normal” weather patterns are anymore across the Corn Belt.  A bigger question in my mind is how will the crop residue this year influence yields in 2016?  In the rest of this article, I would like to take a look at what happens in soils during the decomposition process as well as look at the importance of residue management.  There are some things that are simply facts of life that we cannot control.  Alternatively, there are things we can do to better set ourselves up for high yields next year.

Tech_263-Crop Residue Management