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Crop Input Decisions in a Year of Low Commodity Prices

by Leonard Luebker | Jan 15, 2016

Low Commodity Prices---Challenges for this spring’s Planting

  • With low commodity prices, how are you approaching this spring’s planting season to make 2016 a profitable year?
  • Are you feeling you need to make a few cutbacks?
  • Do you cut back on fertilizer rates based on soil samples?Do you forgo some of the soil samples you normally take?
  • Do you change the seed treatment on the seed you plant?
  • Do you plant one hybrid verses another because it is a few bucks cheaper?
  • Do you plant more corn and cut back on soybeans or vice versa?
  • Will a decision you make now to save a little, actually cost you come fall?

There are many options to save a penny here and there.  Sound decision making is critical with low commodity prices. Sometimes it is just getting back to the basics.  Chances are -- it “IS” going to be a challenging year! 

 What are some key items that bring the best return from each field planted?
Tech_268 - Crop Input Decisions