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LG Seeds – Your Strategic Business Partner

by Ryan Dunsbergen | Jan 28, 2016

This is an exciting time to be involved in agriculture.  New technologies are hitting the marketplace at a rapid pace.  New seed genetics, new seed traits, and new data management platforms to sift through and manage data that is pertinent to your farms are all available.  There are a lot of areas that you could invest in today’s agriculture.  What I have come to discover is that quite often WHO you buy from, is more important than WHAT you buy.  When it comes to your business operation, who will you look toward when you need to partner with someone in order to stay in the black for 2016?  Let me propose that LG Seeds needs to be one of those partners.  Here is why:

– Service is a tough word in today’s economy.  Nearly everybody claims that they offer excellent customer service.  Not only that, it is often times difficult to put a dollar amount on that service.  Are you willing to pay an extra 10 or 20 dollars an acre for customer service?  What if that put you from black to red in 2016?  What are you getting in return?  Difficult questions to ask…and answer.  Here at LG Seeds, we have some of the finest Seed People in the industry.  The people putting seed orders together for you care about your operation.  They know their hybrids extremely well and are working with you to make you as successful as possible.  They are also backed up by an incredible sales support team.  I, personally, have been on board with LG Seeds for five months now and I have been really impressed with the knowledge and wisdom that the entire Agronomy team possesses here at LG Seeds.  In addition, our administrative staff is second to none.  Once your order is placed, we have an experienced customer service staff that will get you the seed you ordered in a timely fashion and will quickly remedy any issues you may face.  We are committed to ensure that you experience top-notch service from the day you place your order to the day you are celebrating your success in the seat of your combine.

Supply – Fertilizer markets are softening.  When and where prices bottom out for this coming spring is yet to be seen.  I have heard of several farmers playing the waiting game.  They want to see how low prices will get and they want to see who will be the cheapest.  I understand.  You need to watch costs and this is one way to do it.  However, your Discount Deal on NH3 does you very little good if your tractor is parked in the middle of spring on a beautiful sunny day and you have only 50% of your nitrogen applied because you cannot get the product.  The same is true for seed.  There are farmers playing the waiting game on seed hoping for a Super Saturday Sale at the end of March.  It might happen…it might not.  If it does happen, the chances are high that you will only get leftovers.  It might be the seed that nobody else wanted.  I encourage you to talk to your LG Seeds dealer to get your seed needs taken care of sooner rather than later.  Our top hybrids are in tight supply.  They should be.  It is the end of January.  If they were not in tight supply, one would wonder why nobody was buying them.  We are working diligently to get everybody the seed choices they want.  We will not be perfect in this area, nor will we claim to be.  But we have positioned ourselves to offer industry leading hybrids not only for 2016 but in years to come as well.

Value – Value is basically price…or is it?  Price and cost are two words that people often want to interchange freely with value.  I disagree.  Let’s say you purchased a fully traited bag of seed for $100 per bag less than the competitor.  Is that a good value?  Maybe.  It depends on what “fully traited” means.  What can that bag of seed do for you?  What will that bag of seed NOT do for you?  Are you comparing apples to apples?  Let’s say you are comparing apples to apples.  Is it now a good value?  Maybe.  Even in today’s economy, yield is still king.  If that seed yields 20 bushel less per acre than the competitor, which equals to $70 per acre.  If you are planting 2.4 acres with each bag of corn, that converts to nearly $170 per bag difference.  Although you started out paying $100 per bag less, you just “lost” $70 per bag.  That Discount Deal you paid for on that Super Saturday Sale just cost you $70 per bag.  That is not a great value.  I look at value as return on investment.  What am I getting out of this bag of seed?  Value is not what you think you paid for a bag of seed, it is what you actually paid for that bag of seed.  And what you actually paid for that bag of seed will be sitting in your bank account at the end of the year.  Will that value be in the red or black?  We, at LG Seeds take a lot of pride in our seed.  It has excellent quality, it will be traited according to the farming plan you have in place on your farm, and it will produce top-notch yields.

Strategic Business Partner – When you take a look at the type of service, supply and value that we offer here at LG Seeds, I am confident we can be a trusted, strategic business partner for your operation now and into the future.  On your best ground, we will help you win…and win big.  Your neighbors will go on Sunday afternoon drives just to go by your house and look at your fields.  We will bring stability and consistency to those tough acre farms with the data you need to feel confident about planting our products.  And we will walk with you every step of the way, as much as you would like.  Remember that in times like this, WHO you buy from just might be the most important decision you make.