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2016 Nitrogen Decisions and Tools that can Help

by Travis Dollarhide | Feb 26, 2016

Acreage intentions for corn tend to be bullish at this point so as we progress into the spring planting season it is highly likely that more acres will be planted to corn, especially on the highly productive acre. This means that there are acres with no nitrogen applied because the crop decisions are yet to be made. It is also increasingly more common for producers to elect to apply most if not all of the Nitrogen for their corn crop in- season, after so many wet springs the past few years. Last fall was favorable for anhydrous ammonia and locations across the Corn Belt and areas where fall anhydrous ammonia typically gets applied saw a considerable amount used. A mild fall and a warmer, wetter winter have left farmers nervous about losses that could have occurred on those fall applied fields.

Always plenty to think about with Nitrogen, but there is good news in both of these cases.

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