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ILeVO®, PPO Herbicide & Seedling Disease Injury Symptoms

by Travis Dollarhide | Apr 1, 2017

Two weeks ago Steve Crafton did an article for this blog on ILeVO® seed treatment. This is a follow up article to provide the resources to dig a little deeper to distinguish between ILeVO, PPO herbicide injury and the seedling diseases that can occur at emergence.

This year the LG Seeds soybean plot seed is treated with AgriShield® F & I + ILeVO. We did this for the simple reason that SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome) is a large enough factor in reducing yield, that if we did not, it could put us at a disadvantage in competitive plots. I am pretty sure you don’t like the sound of that word disadvantage any more than I do. This treatment is commercially available to the customer and since ILeVO has activity against Soybean Cyst Nematode the Clariva® treatment option was dropped.

One of the things that often happens with ILeVO, especially in cool wet conditions, some browning of the cotyledons because ILeVO is somewhat systemic in the root zone and up to the unifoliate leaves, the first true leaves on the soybean plant. This is commonly called the “halo effect” because it typically affects the margins of the cotyledons. Both Bayer and a two-year University study have demonstrated this has no effect on emergence and stand establishment.

The problem one could encounter is that both PPO herbicides and seeding diseases can be very active in these same conditions and both of these situations can be very detrimental to emergence and stand establishment. In the blame game it is pretty easy to point fingers and we are going to be called, count on it. So being able to distinguish between injury symptoms becomes kind of important.

I have attached three different documents that address these differences and the situations where they can occur. You will likely find it helpful to at least scan through them and know what resources to turn to.

Scouting for Soybean Seedling Diseases and Disorders

Using ILeVO® with preemergence herbicides

FAQ’s – ILeVO, PPO herbicide and seedling diseases
FAQs - ILeVO PPO herbicide and seedling diseases

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Download a copy of this Technical Bulletin: Tech_326 - ILeVO, PPO Herbicides and Seedling Disease Injury Symptoms