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Indiana and Mid-South Crop Progress

by Jesse Grogan | Apr 24, 2017

Field activity is brisk in recent weeks. Above average temperatures and dry conditions in many areas allowed for significant field work such as anhydrous ammonia and fertilizer applications including burn down weed control and cover crop elimination. Planters are rolling in the south and beginning to move in central and northern Indiana.

Planting progress is intermittent in the Arkansas-Missouri boot heel due to rain events. Planting was behind in West Tennessee and Southern Kentucky until recently. Almost all of the corn acres are planted in well drained soils. Areas with heavier soils should be planted when it dries out again this week. High temperatures and winds are aiding in drying soils again.

Sandy soils are among the first to be planted in Indiana. Some planting has started in central and northern Indiana last week before rains and cool weather set in at the end of last week. Temperatures are up into the 70’s again and a 3-4 day window is ahead for next week. Fields are dry enough for light tillage in front of planters and dust was flying last week. .

Some operations held up planting late last week until the rain and cool weather passed this weekend. There is a concern about cold chill injury could occur to germinating seedlings. Germinating seeds need about 36 hours of without cold shock from rain water below 50 degrees. A cold rain can cause early seed death, cork screw type growth and reduced stands. Planting in warm conditions is less of a risk.

Jesse-meso_d7_04in_Br_centralA look at soil temperatures shows the impact of warm spring. The map included shows average soil temperatures at 4 inches under bare soil for last week from the Regional Mesnet Program of Midwest Climate Watch, Midwestern Climate Research Center. Northern and east central Indiana soils are cooler by about 10 degrees and that is usually expected due to higher elevations and lighter color silts and clays. But soil temperatures are in the 50’s which is good for this time of year. Soils for most of Indiana were in the 60 degree range and very warm soils in the70’s for southern Indiana and Kentucky. We expect emergence to be consistent in fields planted during the last two weeks. Exceptions could where rain was heavy in the south

Good weather ahead should allow most everyone some good days in the fields. We wish you great planting success and that genetics from LG Seeds will perform to your expectations. Work hard and work smart for safety and efficiency.

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