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Plains East Crop Progress

by Leonard Luebker | Apr 24, 2017

The Plains East Region is spread from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to St. Joseph, Missouri, with westward movement of that line approximately 100 miles.  Consequently, planting in Northeast Kansas, and Southeast Nebraska, are considerably different than the areas in northern Nebraska, and South Dakota.  Basically the dividing line would be Interstate 80.  Southeast Nebraska, along the Kansas border, missed the rainfall the past couple of weeks so planting was going rather smooth.  In Northeast Nebraska, from I80 and north, planting basically started the end of last week or over the weekend. 

Northeast Kansas:     60% planted on corn, soybean planting will start this week.  This area had rainfall 3 weeks ago hindering some of the normal corn planting.  With good weather this week, corn planting will have many finished by Friday.  Soybean planted acres will take a big swing forward this week.

Southeast Nebraska:  This area missed the rainfall the past couple of weeks, so corn planting continued. It is in probably in the 75% range of being planted.  Soybeans will begin this week.  With good weather this week, this area could have the corn done with a fair amount of soybeans planted by the end of the week.

East Central Nebraska:  This is where the dividing line really occurs separating the north from the south regarding planting.  This past weekend, (April 22nd and April 23rd) most of the corn planting started or will start today.  Rain showers the past week along with the cooler temperatures kept growers from planting.  Not a significant amount of soybeans are planted in the area.

Northeast Nebraska and Southeast South Dakota:  Everyone is basically starting corn today with a little planted over the past weekend.  Soil temperatures in Southeast South Dakota are in the lower 50’s.  Again, with the large planters, a significant amount of acres could be planted by the end of the week.

In summary, a lot of corn will be planted this week.  There is rain in the forecast for some which may slow up planting a little.  The air and soil temperatures are warming up quickly though, so planting will continue unless a longer lasting weather front comes thru.

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