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Plains West Crop Progress

by Matt Teply | Apr 24, 2017

Southwest Missouri:   Weather had been cooperating until this past week.  60% to 70% of the corn crop is in the ground and then wet weather set in.  Soil conditions were very favorable and corn was emerging in 7 to 10 days after being put in the ground.  With all the rain over the last few days there may be some need for replant in extremely wet areas.  I have talked with one grower in the region that had received over 6 inches of rain in 5 days.  The forecast for the end of this week is not favorable either as rain totals in excess of 3 to 5 inches are forecast for most of the area.

Eastern and Central Kansas:  Wet weather in this area has greatly hampered any progress when it comes to planting corn.  With only about 20% of the expected corn acres planted and another week of wet weather forecast ahead it could be slow going here for the next 10 to 14 days. 

Southwest Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles:   Soil conditions have been very favorable for planting with some good moisture received in late March and early April.  Less than 10% of the corn acres are planted in this area as growers have been waiting on warmer soil temps. There will be a big push this week.  If the weather helps this area could be well over 70% panted by May 1st

Northwest Kansas, Eastern Colorado, and Western Nebraska:   Again, there are just a few corn acres going in over the last few days.  Soil temps have warmed up and there might be a big push this week to get acres planted.  The weather forecast for later in the week brings cold temperatures and precipitation with a chance of snow in SW Nebraska and NW Kansas.  There may be many growers that opt out and just start planting May 1st.  There are some pretty dry conditions in Western Nebraska and Northeastern Colorado and a few days of precipitation would be very welcome.  Get the wind to stop blowing 25 mph plus every other day and some moisture and life would be good.

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