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Southern Illinois and NE Missouri Crop Progress

by Brian Weihmeir | Apr 24, 2017

Here over the past two weeks, farmers have been hitting the ground running to get field work done. Early April, most of the work being done in the region was spraying and secondary tillage. Henbit, Chickweed and other winter annual weeds are becoming a real issue for growers in central Illinois due to the favorable fall weather we had to establish these weeds. We are seeing farmers get more aggressive on burndown applications and tillage practices to manage these weeds early so they do not become an issue for the planters.

Field conditions have been a hit and miss across Illinois. Isolated rains throughout the month have made it a bit tricky to know which fields are fit to go and which should wait. As I drive around, there will be places where farmers are near 100% finished, and other areas where very little progress has been made. Where a lot of progress has been made, soil conditions are ideal for planting. We have good soil moisture, good seed to soil contact, and adequate temperatures. Because of this, most growers are focused on getting corn in the ground. Soybeans have been getting in the ground slowly. Farmers with the capability of planting both corn and soybeans have a lot of soybean acres planted. Weather conditions later in the week could slow Illinois down a bit.

Missouri was off and running a little bit faster than Illinois. Warmer temperatures and drier field conditions allowed them to get field work done and start planting. When walking fields already planted, I have not seen any major issues limiting the farmers to get their crop off to a good start. Some places already have corn emerging and the stands are uniform and looking great! Parts of Missouri are experiencing the same weather as Illinois so the latter part of the week could slow down progress.

Overall progress throughout the region is coming along nicely. The DSM’s and dealers in the region have been working long hours putting in plots and keeping our farmers running fast! We anticipate having close to 75-80% of the corn crop in the ground by the middle of the week and 15-20% of the soybean crop planted. The observed field conditions at planting look great and we are setting the stage for a good growing season!

Thanks and have a safe planting season!

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