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Northern Illinois Crop Progress

by Steve Crafton | Jul 10, 2017

It’s been a variable spring and early summer here in Northern Illinois.  Our corn crop is anywhere from knee high to shooting tassel and our soybean crop is emerging to R-4.  Some parts of our region have had too much rain and other parts can’t buy a rain. Insects and disease have not been much of an issue in fields that I have scouted.

Corn in northern Illinois is variable mainly due to heavy rains early spring. The central region of Illinois was looking good early on but the rains have been really spotty and some have had less than a half inch since June 1st.  We had a lot of replant through the central and eastern parts of our region.  The replant corn was looking pretty rough last week but will hopefully catch a rain today to help it out.  As you go to I-80 and north the crops got in a little later but have caught some timely rains and look pretty good.

Whole field averages across our region will probably be down a bit overall.  From I-80 north there is a fair amount of fields that have had some damage due to flooding or ponding.  As we go to our central region we have had corn replanted 2 to 3 times.  The fields in our central region that didn’t get replanted will be pollinating this week.  Corn around I-80 and north is growing fast and I hope these storms moving across this week do not bring any high winds.  Those fast growing plants are really susceptible to brittle snap.

We have some good looking show plots in northern Illinois.  The new products we released really look good so far.  LG5606, LG5624 and LG5505 look very good along with LG5643 and LG5650LG5618 was released in 2012 which was a drought stress year. I look for it to flex its muscles again in some of those variable drought stressed fields.  Hopefully things will pollinate well and we will get into somewhat of a “normal” weather pattern.  Stay safe out there!

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