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Southern Illinois and NE Missouri Crop Progress

by Brian Weihmeir | Jul 10, 2017

Southern Illinois
It has been an interesting growing season for southern Illinois this year. We started off the year with cool wet weather which resulted in record replants for the area. With this being the case, we have corn in a lot of different growth stages. Early planted corn with good drainage is at or approaching VT, and corn that had to be replanted is in the mid to late vegetative stage. Sidedress applications of nitrogen are coming to a close. For many areas that had waterlogged soils, split application N seemed to make a big difference. For growers that have corn tasseling, it is a good time to scout fields and look for disease pressure. The diseases I have been keeping an eye on this season are Grey Leaf Spot and Southern Rust. Southern Rust is more of a concern for the most southern part of the state. We have been keeping an eye on this disease and watching to see if it progresses north to warrant a fungicide application. The best time to spray for southern rust is at brown silk for corn. So far most fields I have walked have been pretty clean and not warranted a fungicide application.

Soybeans have also had their fair share of challenges this year too. Just like corn, we have had a fair amount of replant for soybeans. Growers that treated with ILeVO® were pretty aggressive and got soybeans planted fairly early and have some good height. It has been a challenge this year keeping soybean fields clean. Wet weather early on hurt the effectiveness of pre-plant and burndown applications on soybeans. The hot and dry weather later on also slowed down the vegetative growth on soybeans keeping fields from canopying early. Growers that have utilized the new Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans have seen good results from the chemistry and have maintained clean fields. The same can be said for the Liberty Link® crop system as well. Double crop soybeans were a little bit ahead of schedule this year and most got in the ground before Independence Day. Wheat yields were very high and had excellent quality.

NE Missouri
As far as replants for corn, Missouri had some of the same challenges as Illinois. As we progress farther north, the corn crop looks more consistent and farther along due to missing a few heavy rains. Most of the corn crop is at VT for the area with the rest in the late vegetative stages. Disease pressure so far looks fairly mild for the area but as more of the crop approaches VT, we will continue to scout.

Soybeans have had a tougher time getting established for parts of Missouri. Cool wet conditions early on and inconsistent soil temperatures led to spotty emergence in some areas. Seed treatments such as AgriShield® from LG Seeds have made a big difference this year with early season disease and insect pressure. The biggest news to hit Missouri this week was the ban of dicamba products across the state for soybeans. Most growers with this technology have fortunately made their post applications before this roadblock was made. Growers who have not, can still treat Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans just like Roundup 2 Yield® soybeans and have options such as PPO herbicides to control broadleaf weeds. Growers who have used dicamba products following the label have had good results and very few problems with drift. We will see what happens going forward. Growers using the Liberty Link® cropping system are also seeing good results with their program.

Hybrids that are really standing out despite the tough year are LG5643, LG5650, and LG5663. On the lighter soils and corn after corn, LG5643 had a fast start and exhibited great early season vigor. On some of the heavier poorly drained soils LG5650 is really showing good consistency and heat tolerance compared to competitors. We are also excited for some new products in our plots this year.

It has been a difficult growing season to say the least leaving growers with a lot of questions. As the year progresses, feel free to contact your local LG Seeds agronomist or District Sales Manager with any questions you might have. We are glad to help!


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