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Minnesota and Wisconsin Crop Progress

by Tom Greiner | Oct 1, 2017

Crop conditions have improved across Minnesota and Wisconsin since August 14 reports.

Around the July 14th date, we were three weeks behind in total heat units. We have improved substantially with above normal temperatures which came the third week of September. We are currently five to six days behind the five-year average at this time.

Corn:  Corn silage is running along smoothly with 69% complete with reports of 30-32 ton per acre. The state's grain corn crop is 81% good to excellent and 90-93% dented at this time. Minnesota is looking at another good corn crop.
Soybeans:  Growers are just starting to combine beans with yield reports from 50-65 bushels on 1.2 to 1.4 soybean varieties. USDA took us down a few percent on good to excellent soybean crops. This was mainly due to late season severe dryness, which results in the loss of bean clusters on top.  We are currently 3% beans harvested statewide.
Alfalfa:  some 5th crop cutting happening on acres that are going to corn next year.

Mike Moulder, DSM, reports corn silage is in full swing with high tonnage reports from his growers. The state is 35% complete on corn silage. The corn crop is 69% good to excellent with 80% of the corn dented. Soybeans are just beginning to be harvested with reports of beans going 50-68 bushels per acre. The bean crop is 74% good to excellent. Both states should have excellent yield potential on corn and soybean crops.