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Ohio Crop Progress

by Corey Prosser | Oct 1, 2017

Harvest is underway in parts of the Buckeye state, although it has been a relatively slow start. There are many factors that have impacted the delay in harvest for the state. The main factors that have had the largest impact include late planting or replants, and cooler than average temperatures toward the end of the growing season.

The eastern region saw a lot of late planted corn and soybeans well into mid and late June. With this there were also many fields replanted, or parts of fields replanted, which has helped to delay harvest. The growers who spotted in replants are being delayed to due maturity differences in the original planting and the replant. There are many fields, of soybeans mainly, that have areas that are still very green with other parts of the field mature. In some cases, growers have harvested areas that were mature and have left the replanted areas stand until they are able to harvest later this fall.

The weather has been a challenge for the eastern region as well. The main issue has been the lack of GDU’s which has slowed crop maturity. According to Advantage Acre® at my home, I am roughly 320 GDU’s behind last year at this time. With the lack of temperature corn has been slow to mature and growers are worried if their corn will make it to black layer.

In the state, there have been growers who have been able to start running soybeans and most have been happy with the yields. C3550RX soybeans have stood out to many growers and have been preforming very well to this point. With less than 10% of soybeans harvested in Ohio there is a long way to go on soybean harvest, and we have not harvested any soybean test plots in Ohio. There have been even fewer growers who have started to, or tried to, shell corn this fall. Growers who have started have had yields all over the board, from average to well above average. Many growers have been happy with LG5499 yields to this point which has been coming off relatively dry. Another product that has looked good throughout the year that has done well from reports is LG5565VT2. Corn harvest, like I said, is very limited and, only one corn plot has been harvested to this point.

Looking forward it is going to be a very spread out and a long harvest for the Eastern Region. Many growers are ready to get into the fields as soon as their crops are ready to harvest. Growers are interested to see if decisions made early in the year were the right ones, and how their crops will fair with the challenges faced this growing season. I hope everyone has a safe harvest and thank you for you continued support of LG Seeds.

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