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Plains West Crop Progress

by Matt Teply | Oct 1, 2017

Southwest Missouri:   In most years this area of the region would be close to wrapping up corn harvest.  But, this year is not most years.  Corn harvest is only about 50% completed.  Yields are highly variable.  Some of the early planted corn, late March, that got through all the rain without much standing water this spring has been very good with yields in the 200 to 220 bu. range.  Corn planted later, and any fields that have areas of poorly drained soils, vary greatly.  Yields are varying, below 100 to over 200 all in the same field.  A few growers switched over to soybeans in the last week or so and have about 5 to 10% of the beans out.  Again, yields are highly variable and it’s somewhat difficult to really get a feel on how final yields will come out.  

Eastern and Central Kansas:  Corn harvest is about 70% completed.  Higher yields on irrigated acres have been very dependent on earlier planting dates and well drained soils.  Yields are running in the 220 bu. to 250 bu. range on many of these acres.  Later planted corn and poorly drained irrigated fields are averaging more in the 200 bu. range.  Dry land acres vary greatly.  There have been some excellent dry land yields that were well above the 160 bu. mark.  And some, not so good, acres where averages were below 50 bu.  Soybean harvest is just getting under way.  So far the soybean yields have not been up to par.  Most of the acres that have been harvested have been dry land acres and are running in that 20 to 50 bu. range.

Southwest Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles:  Corn harvest is just getting under way.  What little has been harvested has been dry land acres and yields have been well above average for this area with timely rains throughout most of the growing season.  Some high moisture irrigated corn is coming out and most of those yields so far have been average to slightly above average.  What few irrigated soybeans that are raised down here are just now ready to harvest.  Very little has been done on the soybean side of things so far.

Northwest Kansas, Eastern Colorado, Western Nebraska:   Some harvest is under way but it’s been mostly high moisture corn and silage.  Cooler and wetter weather has moved in over the last couple weeks and really hampered a lot of progress in the field.  There have been some soybeans taken in the eastern geography of this part of the region.  Yields have been excellent.  Most of the soybean coming out so far have been in the 80 to 100 bu. range on irrigated acres.  With yields on dry land acres 50 plus.  Excellent weather in early August has really packed a lot of beans into pods.