Agronomy Blog

Western Region - California

by Phil Miller | Oct 1, 2017

On the West Coast harvest is in full swing. California Delta corn growers are are knocking down as many acres as they can each day.  One of our dealers remarked on the exceptional quantity corn grades LG varieties are getting.  So far very little disease has been reported in the area.  A little more dry weather and the late planted corn will be safe as well.  

Some high winds have been hitting the Central California Valley over the last few weeks and has had its toll on late silage corn.  No brands are exempt from lodging but The LG varieties are definitely doing a great job.  The silage choppers have been really good at salvaging as much as they can with no small cost to their machinery.  

Alfalfa sales have been good so far. LG Seeds has released the new 8 dormancy HarvXtra®.  It's called 840HRVRR.  This will greatly help us be competitive in the west.  LG Seeds also released a new 7 dormancy conventional variety called 7C300.  There were 511 bags produced so far this fall and they were all sold the first day of release.  We are waiting for the next field of seed production to get processed and have orders as soon as it is available. Hope all is well with all of you.

HarvXtra® is a trademark of Forage Genetics International, LLC