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Indiana and Mid-South Crop Progress

by Jesse Grogan | Oct 1, 2017

Corn yields in the mid-south, southern Indiana, and soybean yields in Indiana, are very good at the beginning of harvest. Weather plays a role in every region but usually for the benefit of better yields at the end of the growing season. A few weeks in August were relatively cool with light to moderate rainfall. September is much warmer and dry. Crop maturity caught up and is almost on target for an average time to begin harvest. This is especially important for Indiana where planting and replanting was in late May and early June. Climate charts for temperature and precipitation departure from the normal show a warmer and drier period for Indiana and a warm and more wet period for the mid-south states of Kentucky and Tennessee in September (Midwestern Regional Climate Center at Champaign, IL).
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Kentucky, Tennessee, SE Missouri and NE Arkansas
Corn harvest is complete in the boot heel of Missouri and north east Arkansas. It was a struggle to get planted due to heavy rains and flooding. Corn yields are more than expected with greater than 200 bushels per acre in many fields. Southern rust did appear near the end of the season and those who used fungicides were rewarded with better yields. Early beans are being harvested and doing well in the 60 to 70-bushel range. It is important to note that fields are planted on ridges with surface irrigation.

Yields in Kentucky- Tennessee are most surprising. Yields are in 230 to 250-bushel range on ground with a history of 200 bushels per acre maximum. It rained about every week this summer and a cooler August added yield. The year favored hybrids in the mid to fuller season maturity of 113-116-day maturity. Early planted early season soybeans in the late MG2 maturity yielded well. Yield of double crop soybeans should be respectable also.  

Corn harvest is progressing fast in southern Indiana. Yields are also higher than expected, especially on ground with slope and drainage. Bottom land was usually planted late to soybeans due to the early rains and flooding. Southern rust developed early to cause yield loss in later plantings. Fungicides paid off again this year. Southern rust in becoming an annual occurrence. Once again medium and full season hybrids are yielding the best. Corn in central Indiana is variable due to late planting and poor drainage. Yields can vary for from 150 to 240 depending on the amount of flooded area and field conditions. Northern Indiana was also planted late with lots of flooding this spring. The warm September is helpful to bring the crop to maturity. Grain quality is good to excellent as plant health was generally better in central and northern Indiana.

Soybean harvest is well under way in central and northern Indiana. Yields of mid to late MG2 are high, in the 60 to 80-bushel range. Many fields of soybeans were planted from mid-May to early June in Indiana. Rain patterns did vary through and summer. So, yields of MG 3 could vary quite a bit more. Yields of 20 to 50 bushels are reported as well as some in the 70 to 80-bushel range. Double crop soybeans in the south should yield at average to slightly above average depending on location in the state. It was drier in south central and south west regions.

Several new hybrids are performing well. LG5590 and LG5606 are solid in Indiana into the mid-south. Recent releases of LG5643, LG5650 and LG5663 are making top yields. LG5643 is widely adapted with top yields and can be used north of maturity. LG5663 is amazing south of I-70 on hills and fields that are stressful and has high yield potential. LG5650 is among the best in heavier, moderate to poorly drained soils. LG5618 continues to shine with great yields, high test and broad placement.

Early harvest is successful and better than expected for many of us. The dry and warmer weather is an advantage for getting the beans harvested north and finishing corn in the south. Hope you have a safe and efficient harvest! Thank you for using LG Seeds products and services.