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Southern Illinois and NE Missouri Crop Progress

by Brian Weihmeir | Oct 2, 2017

It is the beginning of October, and things are finally off to a fast start! It is an exciting time of year and the results coming in are also exciting!

For much of the region, activity has been a little slower than usual. Due to a cooler than normal August, it took some time to get corn dried down and to reach black layer. When talking to most, farmers are being patient to let corn dry a little longer in the field to save on their drying costs. Sometimes this can make us a little nervous, but when scouting fields, stalk rots seem to be minimal and stalk strength is good. NE Missouri and Southern Illinois has been going steady since the middle of September and north of I-72 started to get more crops out by the end of September. Yields coming back are a lot better than expected. When talking to dealers and customers there is almost a +20 bpa factor from what they expected! Have not heard a lot about the replant corn coming in, but we expect yields to drop depending on the situation. Fields with lower stands in places and left have seen the holes on yield monitors. Grain quality and test weight is looking great and have seen very few ear rots when looking at corn late. Hybrids that have really stood out in plots in Missouri are LG5618, LG5643, LG5650, and LG5663. They have shown impressive top end potential and stress tolerance throughout the season and it has shown! In tougher environments and lower populations, LG5643 and LG5663 flexes out well and handle the variability showing good consistency. In Illinois, I have heard great things from LG5618, LG5643, LG5650 and the NEW LG5606. LG5606 has stood well and been very competitive with LG5618 and works well in Central Illinois. LG5650 has excellent stalk strength and test weight and has a lot of hidden potential. The Southern region will be having a great corn crop as a whole based on the reports seen in the field.
Brian Corn Harvest 2017 cited
The soybean crop coming in is surprising growers more than their corn crop! I have talked to many that have grown a record soybean crop on some of their fields. Yields reported have ranged anywhere from lower 70’s to 90’s for whole field averages! When walking out into soybean fields I have seen large clusters of pods and very few aborted pods. When looking back at the growing season, we maintained blooms well during flowering and caught some timely rains for parts of the region. Also, more growers this year could get soybeans planted in good time which has trended to higher yields. Post applications of fungicide and insecticide have shown to pay for themselves and reward the grower this year. Seed treatments such as AgriShield® have also payed dividends for getting the crop up and out of the ground. ILeVo® seed treatment has also shown to be an effective seed treatment in areas with high SDS pressure. Soybeans that have performed well this year for Illinois and Missouri are C3989R2, NEW C3776LL, and C3550RX. Even some of the earlier beans such as C3026RX and C3333RX have performed well for growers!
Brian soybean harvest 2017 cited
Overall, I would say the crop is looking great and we have enjoyed seeing the high yields coming in for our customers! Have a safe harvest everyone!

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