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Western Iowa and Northwest Missouri Crop Progress

by Greg Peters | Oct 2, 2017

Harvest began in mid-September in our area and it has been slow as many must wait for later products to mature.  Early results have surprised producers with exceptional yields in our southern portion of our territory with corn fields averaging over 200 bushels per acre or more.  Corn harvest to the north has been limited but silage estimates are showing more variability with some as low as 40 bushels per acre to higher estimates coming in over 200 bushels per acre.  Continuous corn yields have been significantly lower when compared to fields that have been rotated.  

Soybean yields have also been higher than expected.  Soybean plot data has been limited because most plots have varieties that have not matured to date but field averages have ranged from lows in the lower 50’s to highs over 85 bushels per acre.  The yields were not expected and most producers have commented that they don’t know where the yield is coming from because seed size is smaller and branching was limited. 

Weather played a significant role in the yield results that we are seeing.  Some areas started off drier than normal for excellent planting conditions and then rain fell throughout the rest of the season while other areas started off wet and then went extremely dry throughout the rest of the season.  Generally, field tiles ran until we reached September so field moisture was available to the crop when rains were limited.  Also timely, spotty rains helped the crop maintain higher yield levels.  Cool temperatures in August and September also limited yield loss potential. 

Harvest results to date have shown that LG5663, LG5650, LG5643 and LG5618 are having an excellent year in performance and we will keep you informed as we get yield results from earlier products. 

Soybean products that are showing strong field performance are C1870R2, C2255R2, C2441R2 and C2520R2.  Results have been limited on LibertyLink® varieties and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® varieties but we will have plot results available soon.

Have and safe harvest!    

LibertyLink® is a trademark of Bayer CropSciences. Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® is a trademark of Monsanto Technology, LLC.