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Comments on the herbicide label changes for Xtend® soybeans

by Travis Dollarhide | Nov 10, 2017

Below is a very good synopsis of what the updated label changes for approved in season applications of dicamba on Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans will look like in 2018. Monsanto, BASF and DuPont have all agreed to these label changes.

  • Classifying products as "restricted use," permitting only certified applicators with special training, and those under their supervision, to apply them; dicamba-specific training for all certified applicators to reinforce proper use;
  • Requiring farmers to maintain specific records regarding the use of these products to improve compliance with label restrictions;
  • Limiting applications to when maximum wind speeds are below 10 mph (from 15 mph) to reduce potential spray drift;
  • Reducing the times during the day when applications can occur;
  • Including tank clean-out language to prevent cross contamination; and
  • Enhancing susceptible crop language and record keeping with sensitive crop registries to increase awareness of risk to especially sensitive crops nearby.
  • For XtendiMax here is the link for the application guidelines
It is important to note that the states can still impose further restrictions. Arkansas is being closely watched, with a proposal before the governor from the Arkansas Plant Board to limit approved applications to an April 15 deadline. So far, he has not signed this. If a state adds further restrictions the responsibility for the training and reporting are their responsibility. To date 22 of 34 states have approved the new label requirements.
Travis-Extendimax map

I am not trying to minimize the concern of misapplications damage to susceptible crops, but I get the sense that as we move further into the harvest season, the fears of yield losses due to off target movement have lessened. Previous experience with cupped soybean leaves had shown little yield loss potential except in the case of severe stunting.  This is no reason to become less concerned, the label application instructions still must be followed to the letter.

Our sales numbers are reflecting an uptick in Xtend® orders, which seems to be reflecting increased customer acceptance. LG Seeds offers Genuity® Roundup 2 Yield®, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®, Liberty Link® and conventional soybeans for this years planting. It is not hard to find reliable performance in any of these platforms; however several of the Xtend® products have standout performance. LG Seeds is in a great position to give the customer the best slate of choices in the industry.

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Download a copy of this technical bulletin: Tech_357 - Xtend label changes