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Eastern Iowa Crop Progress

by Ryan Dunsbergen | Dec 18, 2017

#Harvest17 is in the books for Eastern Iowa.  It has been another interesting year with a unique set of challenges.  The overall trend is that this was a good year for corn.  Farmers are pleasantly surprised.  Soybeans were more variable.  Several producers reported yields between 30 and 70 bushels per acre.   

We had some weather challenges in growing corn this year.  In Southeast Iowa, the heat and drought was the big story.  Several areas were 8 – 10 inches below normal rainfall through the month of September.  Even in these areas, most farmers were very happy with yields.  “I’m not sure where the yields came from” was a statement I heard often.  We had two saving factors this year.  The first was the cool August we had during grain fill.  That allowed the corn more time to fill the kernels.  The other factor was the adequate amount of moisture in the soil profile to start the year.  At the beginning of May, we did not have a single acre in Iowa listed as abnormally dry on the drought monitor.  The best performing LG Seeds products in this maturity range this year were LG5650 and LG5643323 as well as our new LG5606.

Northeast and North Central Iowa had plenty of moisture early, but the rains shut off in August.  The biggest issue was mid to late-season winds.  There were several fields hit by 80 – 90 mph winds that led to lodging or greensnap.  Fields in Northern Iowa also benefited from the full soil profile to start the year as well as the cool August to allow more grain fill.  Our new LG Seeds products performed incredibly well this year in this maturity range.  They are LG5465LG5494LG5505, and LG5525.

August rains make soybeans…and this year we had very little rain in August.  This is part of what led to the variability we saw in beans.  Acres with good water holding capacity performed the best.  As far as diseases are concerned, we saw very little SDS in soybeans this year.  However, we did see some White Mold issues that hurt yields in some areas, mostly north of Highway 30.  We also saw some stem canker and pod and stem blight, which are two diseases associated with the Diaporthe complex.   

The following beans had tremendous yields this year.  They are listed according to herbicide tolerance traits.     

C1870R2, C2255R2, C2441R2, C2520R2 and C3321R2
C2126RX, C2888RX, C3550RX and C3985RX
C2443LL, C2635LL, C2898LL, and C3511LL

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