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Ohio Crop Progress

by Corey Prosser | Dec 18, 2017

As we approach the holiday season most farmers are spending time with family and cleaning up their equipment. With this said there are still the occasional fields of corn left standing across the state. These fields will likely be there in the spring as some farmers use the field as storage. Many products performed well across the Eastern Region and many farmers had record or close to record yields any many areas.

The corn crop surprised many including myself across the state. We struggled with record replants and above average rainfall. When walking fields with growers we remained optimistic but were considering that overall yields would be down. With this said however, when many growers started harvesting many were presently surprised. Cool temperatures and timely rains during grain fill allowed many products to preform very well and produce high yielding crops. A few products that stood out include LG5525VT2 (NEW), LG5548VT2, LG5548STX, LG5590VT2 (NEW), LG5643VT2 and LG5643STX. LG5525VT2, being a new product, has done very well in short season Ohio State Trails and in our show plots although limited looks were available. Our region is excited about the future of this product as if fits well into our needs at 105 day. LG5548VT2 and LG5548STX both had a standout year state wide. This product was at the top of Ohio State Trails and near the top of many of our show plots. Many growers state wide were very impressed with this hybrid, and it looks to be a top product for 2018 for many growers. LG5590VT2, being new to the lineup, was very dominate across the state. It performed well in Ohio State Trails and topped many plots state wide. This product looks to be a high yielding 110-day product that will be a great fit to our lineup for the eastern region. The last product that was very impressive was LG5643VT2 and LG5643STX. This product dominated the Ohio State Yield Trails winning 2 of the 3 locations it was planted at in Southern Ohio. This 114-day product is a high yielding versatile product that our southern customers are very excited about for 2018.

The soybean crop for the eastern region was a different story than the corn crop. Many growers reported average yields on soybeans compared to high to record yields on their corn crop. There was one thing that did stand out state wide when it comes to soybeans however. The Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybean line performed very well state wide and outyielded the Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® lineup across the whole state. The Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybean line features many new products that topped their maturity groups over other trait platforms. Products that performed very well state wide in both trait platforms include C2888RX, C3321R2, C3489RX, and C3550RX. The C3321R2 has been a very good product, performed well, and yielded very close to the Xtend® soybeans statewide. C2888RX and C3489RX are both new products that stood out and topped many plots state wide. C3550RX performed very well in the field as they were available for 2017 planting and were at the top of all plots. This soybean has great agronomics and will be a big product for our region for the 2018 year.

Liberty soybeans have grown in popularity due to weed control issues and have performed well for many growers. Many growers do to marestail or waterhemp issues switched to the LibertyLink® platform for the 2017 season. Growers seemed to be happy with the performance as many growers are sticking with this platform for the 2018 season. There were a few products that stood in the LibertyLink® lineup include C2898LL, C3344LL, and C4100LL. C2898LL has been a very consistent high yielding soybean in the LibertyLink® lineup for years now. C3344LL has performed very well across many soil types and are the go to bean in the mid 3 group. C4100LL, planted in the southern part of the region topped, all our show plots they were planted in, and were the top yielding LibertyLink® variety.

There are many growers who are happy to have 2017 in the books. This past season has been very challenging and stressful that seemed to push growers to the limits at times. As we look forward to 2018 many growers are well into planning for next year’s crop. They have already purchased seed and are working on other management decisions for the next season. I would like to thank everyone who were plot cooperators for LG this season and for our customer's continued support of the LG Seeds Brand.

From our Family to yours I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

Note: The information in this issue is based upon field observations and third party information. Since variations in local conditions may affect the information and suggestions contained in this issue, LG Seeds disclaims legal responsibility therefore. Always read and follow label instructions.
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