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Plains West Crop Progress

by Matt Teply | Dec 18, 2017

Southwest Missouri:   Yields in this area of the region were average to slightly below average with both corn and soybeans.  A wet spring with delayed planting and the replanting of crops made for a difficult growing season.  This led to a later than normal harvest as well.  It was a long growing season and most growers are happy that it’s finally over and can get on to the 2018 growing season.  

Eastern and Central Kansas:  Poor weather in the spring led to difficult and33 delayed planting conditions here as well.  Yields varied depending on planting dates and planting conditions when the crop went in the ground.  Overall, corn yields were average to slightly above average and the soybean crop was average to slightly below average.

Southwest Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas Panhandles: A wetter than average year for this area of the region resulted in some well above average yields.  Both corn and soybeans yields were some of the best this area has seen.  Dry land corn acres really came off well with all the timely rains.  Normal yields are in that 40 to 80 bpa range and this year there were a lot of 80 to 100+ bpa yields on these dryland acres. 

Northwest Kansas, Eastern Colorado, Western Nebraska:  This is the only area of the region that still has some corn yet to harvest.  For the most part growers are finished, but there are some later planted dryland corn acres still lingering out there.  Yields for the region were well above average on irrigated acres with both corn and soybeans.  Soybean yields were outstanding with the weather this area had in August and September.  Dryland acre yields are a bit more variable depending on planting date and July weather.  For the most part yields were above average on these acres as well though.

A few corn products that really stood out as we moved across the Plains West were LG5643, LG5650, LG5555, LG5565, LG5528, and LG5522.

The soybean lineup really showed just how strong it is within LG Seeds.  We had several varieties with various trait platforms shine.  Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans C2441R2, C2605R2, C2835R2, C3070R2, C3989R2 and C4780R2 all performed very well.  Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans that stood out were C2580RX, C2888RX, C3010RX, C3550RX, C3985RX, C4227RX, C4615RX, and C4845RX.  On the LibertyLink® trait platform C2443LL, C2635LL, C3511LL, C4100LL were all impressive in 2017 as well.

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