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Southern Illinois and NE Missouri Crop Progress

by Brian Weihmeir | Dec 18, 2017

For much of the region, we have been blessed with good weather to finish off the year. Most of harvest got finished up by the middle of November for most guys. As we ventured farther north, harvest was delayed a bit later than normal due to wet field conditions. Despite the long harvest for some growers, yields were better than what they anticipated.

When looking at the corn harvest, high test weights and excellent grain quality were observed for a majority of the region. One issue we had early in the growing season for corn was poor germination and spotty stands due to cool and wet conditions in mid-April. For growers who left these fields, those holes were found on yield maps, but field averages remained high. Growers who replanted fields once and even a second time found themselves to be pleasantly surprised with the performance. LG5548 was a popular hybrid that was chosen for replant corn and had an excellent year. Talking to some who replanted, they were seeing some of their best replant they have ever had with yields not far from their farm average. Looking back at some of the successes this year, early planting seemed to correlate with higher yields on corn if stand was not compromised. Later maturing hybrids also found their way at the top in most plots. Early maturing corn hybrids however were not far behind like they were last year. CRW pressure was low again this year, but caution should be taken in areas with a history of CRW as some pressure was observed. LG Seeds All-Stars this year were LG5606, LG5618, LG5643, LG5650, and LG5663. All had a great year and showed a lot of top end potential as well as diversity for growers.

For soybean harvest this year it was a bit interesting. Farmers who had earlier maturing soybean varieties were extremely happy with yields as well as harvesting ability. Warmer than normal temperatures in early fall created an environment where guys could go out and get a lot of soybeans out of the field fast (despite switching heads often). One notable success growers had with soybeans this year was seed treatment. Soybeans treated with the AgriShield® Seed Treatment System had notably stronger early vigor and better stands. Its easy to say this was a year that seed treatments paid huge dividends. Early planted soybeans (April) also showed a yield advantage. When talking to growers this year, early planting of soybeans will probably be an increased practice this coming year. LG Seeds All-Star Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans this year were C2888RX, C3333RX, C3550RX, C3775RX, C3985RX, and C4227RX. For LibertyLink® soybeans, the All-Stars were C3776LL, C3904LL, and C4100LL. I know this is a long list behind me, but it was a great year for soybeans in the region. Another soybean that I had positive calls about was C3989R2. If weed control is not a problem, this was again a great year for this variety. Growers utilizing the Xtend® and LibertyLink® weed control programs were extremely satisfied with their programs and achieved clean fields.

Going forward, a lot of field work has been done since the crops got out. There seems to be an increase in the use of fall burndowns this year to start clean in the spring. Most of the fall tillage has been completed and a lot of Anhydrous has been applied. There might be a slight increase of anhydrous being used this year due to the price. Warmer temperatures observed this month also extended the amount of “dirt work” being done this year. Field tile is still being put in and trees/brush is being cleared along tree lines to improve farms for next year’s crop as well.

Thanks again for choosing LG Seeds as your seed and resource provider. Be sure to consult with your District Sales Manager and Agronomist when positioning products on your farm. Have a great holiday season!

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