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Plains East Crop Progress

by Leonard Luebker | Apr 30, 2018

In the Plains East Region, planters just started to go the last few days. (The end of the week of April 28th) The soil temperatures at the beginning of April were in the 30’s, some were in the 40’s, if you were lucky.  In many areas, the soil temperatures this past week got into the 40’s.  With the warmer daytime temperatures, and cooler nighttime temperatures, the ground is warming up more gradually this spring.  The soil temperatures posted for areas in Nebraska this past month, were based on bare soil.  There is a lot of no-till in the Plains East Region, so a lot of the soil temperatures will fall on the lower side of readings that may be taken.  Many people use trash whippers to clear the planter row.  This allows the planted area to emerge more evenly, with more stable soil temperatures.

The soil conditions for planting are excellent.  Eastern Nebraska had some very cold freezing temperatures this past winter. This enabled the soil to “freeze out” better than some of the previous winters. The soil is dryer this spring, giving way to excellent planting conditions!

Going into the past weekend, areas that are planting may have around 10% planted.  People are going at a steady pace, not rushing as they felt they had to do the past couple of years.  Many of this year’s soybean acres, were sprayed with herbicides, before people decided to plant the corn. There is moisture predicted mid-week.  Depending on how much, and how widespread, a large percentage of the corn acres could be planted by next weekend. (weekend of May 5th). 

This year, I am hearing more people planting soybeans this week right along with their corn planting.  There is a lot more interest in utilizing the full growing season for the soybean crop.  Due to the dryer soil conditions at planting, people are anticipating less of a problem of SDS showing up later in the growing season too.

LG, Life is Good in the Plains East Region so far this planting season!!  Please give your LG Sales Rep a call for any in-season seed needs.  We’re here to help your planting season go smoothly.

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