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Eastern Iowa Crop Progress

by Bryant Luers | May 15, 2018

After spring finally started to surface in late April we saw a good portion of corn and soybean crops get planted in a very short period of time in most of Eastern Iowa. According the crop planting report released by the USDA on May 14th Iowa is 65% planted on corn with 26% of that emerged. Soybeans are 33% planted and 5% emerged.

 As we look at corn planting everything south of Hwy 20 is 85 -95% planted. The soybean crop has been a little slower with anywhere from 50 -95% of the soybeans planted. As we move north of Hwy 20, and especially north of Hwy 3, we see a sharp drop off in field work and planting with some areas being as low as 20% planted on corn and barely a start on soybeans. This area of Northern Iowa continues to sit wet keeping them out of the fields.

Since May 1st we have seen planting progression slow a little across portions of the geography because of rain events. We have seen anywhere from 0.5 - 5 inches of rain depending on where you are at. As much of Southern Iowa is still in some sort of drought condition this rain was much welcomed, but as we move north the rain has not come as a good thing. The most recent rains we received over the weekend came as very cool rains. Because most of the corn planted has not yet emerged, or is smaller than the V2 we need to be on the lookout for seedling diseases. Pythium is the major player with cool damp soil conditions.

As we look ahead we need some warm weather to be able to finish up planting and get the crop up and growing with no problems. Southern Iowa will continue to need rain in areas of drought conditions to make the crop. It looks as if we will have a nice window later this week to get some of the northern crops planted and get wrapped up in the southern areas.

Thank you all for your support to LG Seeds, and let’s finish #plant18 strong!

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