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Indiana and Mid-South Crop Progress

by Dan Mitchell | May 15, 2018

Corn Planting
Only a few short weeks ago we had major concerns as to when we would get this crop in the ground. It is truly amazing at what today's farmers’ can accomplish in a short period of time. The statewide corn planting averages for the Central Region are pretty much on par with the 5-year average and in some areas, way ahead. Indiana is reported to be 73% planted vs a 5-year average of only 52%! Kentucky and Tennessee are right at the long-term averages with Kentucky reporting 63% for 2018 against a 65% five-year average. Tennessee in 86% vs 84% for the five years.

I have had several reports of growers slowing their planting schedule to allow for rainfall before continuing.  Several fields have shown slow emergence first due to cool soils and now because of dry soils. This is true in any areas from central Indiana all the way south.  The northwest corner of Indiana is still trying to dry out while most other areas are welcoming spotty precipitation.

Corn emergence appears to be very good across the region with only a minimum of replanting to this point. This is a far cry from the record replanting done in 2017! We finally began to accumulate heat units around the first of the month and are progressing nicely now.

Soybean Planting
A lot of beans have been put in the ground in Indiana with the recent estimate at of 53% complete statewide vs a long-term average of only 19%. Kentucky and Tennessee are rolling along on beans and are also ahead of their averages. With the early concerns of a late planting season, many growers went all out to get corn and beans in the ground as fast as they could.

The outbreak of slugs in soybean fields last year has many southern soybean producers watching fields and even taking precautions to avoid the same onslaught. To this point I have received no calls regarding slugs.

As we get this crop in the ground all eyes are on the weather forecast for June-August. Depending on which expert you listen to there should be ample moisture and heat to have good crops. As always that will be true for some and not so much for others. Good luck as we move forward in the growing season!

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