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Plains East Crop Progress

by Leonard Luebker | May 15, 2018

Since the last writing on 4-30, we have great progress!!  Yes, there have been rain showers in some areas, but overall the corn planting has gone extremely well!  Some people went a little slower into the bean planting. They were getting their corn herbicides and nitrogen applied.  With the quick change in air temperatures, and the soil temperatures following, weeds took off growing like a wild fire.  Marestail, pennycrest, velvetleaf, and many more weeds, could almost be found emerging everywhere.  The good news is with this environment, weeds are controlled with herbicides, and the corn emerges quickly.  The good even emergence, give the corn a great start this growing season.
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A quick rundown on the areas:

Southeast Nebraska/Northeast Kansas.
75-100% of the corn is planted.  This depends on the farm location in conjunction with the rainfall received.   Soybeans are around the 50% completed mark.

East Central Nebraska.
There is quite a mixed bag on the plantings in the East Central part.
     Fremont/Blair area:
  85-100% planted on corn.  Soybeans: 40-60% are planted.  The variance here is with the soil types, and ability to plant with the recent rains of the past week.  Those receiving little rain, were able to push forward with a couple of extra days compared to those who had enough rain to keep them out of the field.
     Norfolk-Lindsay-Columbus   Big headway on planting in this area.  Many are done with corn, and finished with soybeans, or close to it.
     West of Columbus:  75-85% of the corn is planted.   Just a few more days would finish most everyone.  Soybeans:  Somewhere in the 50% range planted.

Northeast Nebraska:
     North of Norfolk: East and West.
  In general, overall planting is probably 60-75% completed on corn.  Yes, some are done, while others are in the lower percentages on corn planted acres.  For those done with corn, many are just starting the soybean planting.

Southeast South Dakota.
This area has been colder and wetter the past 6 weeks. (Even more last winter with the snowfall.)   When the temperatures did elevate for planting, the rains came after the snow had already saturated the ground.  Some people were able to plant this past week.  As a whole, the region probably has around 20% of the corn planted.  Today’s USDA report says 13% corn planted in the state.  The hill ground has some acres planted while the lower fields have areas of standing water in them.  This area could definitely use a week of warm temperatures and dry weather.

We are currently in a rain spell in the Plains East region.  Rain showers are predicted off and on this week into the weekend.  Predicted temperatures appear to be good however, this will keep the crops growing well.  Overall this area is (LG) looking good!! 

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