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Wisconsin Crop Progress

by Alan Bass | May 15, 2018

Spring showed up a little later this year for the state of Wisconsin. Planting has progressed since the first of the month. Some areas have seen progress but USDA shows corn about 16% less then the average and 13% less than last year. Soybean planting only shows 4% less than average. Emergence on both crops are really close to average with 8% on corn and 2% on soybeans.

As we look at corn planting Southern Wisconsin and especially South West is 85-95 % done with corn planting. The soybean crop is a little less with about 60-90% planted in this area. There is also areas in the North West Wisconsin that has been experiencing good progress as well with 70-80% done with corn and 40-50% done with soybeans. As we move North and East throughout the state wet conditions have stalled planting with reports of as little as 5-10% done with corn and 3% of soybeans planted. The planting around Interstate 90 and east continues with rain and wet conditions to prevented planting progress.

Since May 9th we have seen planting progression slow a little across portions of the geography because of rain events. We have seen anywhere from 0.5 - 4 inches of rain depending on where you are at. Most corn planted hasn’t emerged or is smaller than V3 so we need to evaluate stands for seedling diseases.

This week looks like above average temperatures in the forecast and a few dry days for soil moisture to allow for planting. With rain expected on the weekend, we may have a nice window to finish up in the South and progress nicely in the other areas of the state. Some growers talk about switching to shorter season hybrids. It is still early but depending on acres to plant and how long planting is delayed it may be a consideration. However, I usually wait until around the 20th to evaluate progression before changing major plans on planting.

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