Poncho®/VOTiVO™ Risk Management

The Proof is in the Yield.


 VOTiVO™ offers the most revolutionary, complete nematode protection on the seed. By protecting plants through their critical developmental stages, VOTiVO™ prevents a broad range of nematodes from damaging the vital root system. LG Seeds and Bayer CropScience field trials on corn show Poncho®/VOTiVO™ adding an extra 4-5 bushels on top of the yield increase over Poncho® 250.

Combine top performing LG Seeds brand corn hybrids with revolutionary plant protection from Poncho/VOTiVO™ and lower your risk at planting.

Poncho/VOTiVO Risk Management Program Details:

1. Customers must have 100% of their corn treated with Poncho®/VOTiVO™ to qualify for 100% Replant.
2. Orders must be received by the January 15th, 2016 treatment deadline. Orders received after this date will be filled based on hybrid/treatment availability and will earn the standard replant program.

Treatment will be available on all grade sizes and most products based on availability. Standard Replant program rules apply for field inspection and processing. Seed planted before the stated crop insurance planting date for your area does not qualify for the Poncho®/VOTiVO® Risk Management Program or standard replant program. Customers not qualifying for the 100% Poncho®/VOTiVO® Replant program may utilize our standard replant program and will be charged our published costs. Actual replant units must be of equal or lesser value when compared to the original planted products. Poncho®/VOTiVO® is not required on units used for replant seed due to availability.

Bayer VOTIVO Information 

Poncho® and VOTiVO™ are registered trademarks of Bayer Crop Science.