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Liberty® Herbicide Works to Controls Weeds
There are weeds that have producers moving from a glyphosate weed control program to a glufosinate weed control program.  Glufosinate is the active ingredient in Liberty® herbicide. This switch has been forced by the spread of glyphosate resistant weeds due to continual and repetitive use of only glyphosate across wide geographies of the...
ILeVO® Fungicide Seed Treatment 2017
ILeVO®, being marketed by Bayer Crop Science, is a fluopyram fungicide seed treatment to help suppress Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) in soybeans.  ILeVO also has activity against the Soybean Cyst Nematode in the root zone. The SDS infection (Fusarium virguliforme) occurs early on when conditions are cool and wet.  These toxins can...
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