Golden Acres® Sorghum

Field-proven, high-quality sorghum crops

Golden-Acres-Logo-ColorFor more than 65 years, Golden Acres Genetics® has been breaking ground in grain and forage sorghum and will remain the exclusive sorghum brand for LG Seeds. Time-tested and field-proven, our products have consistently produced high-quality sorghum crops in diverse and demanding environments. It’s a legacy of which we are especially proud.

Golden Acres Genetics formed in 1999 to focus specifically on serving the needs of independent farmers.  By revitalizing the flagship Golden Acres brand of high-quality, performance-proven corn and sorghum seed, founders Lou Buice and Bernard Selensky were able to connect the respected fifty-year-old brand with a new mission –  to professionally serve family farmers with custom seed solutions that cultivate independence and success.

Golden Acres sorghum hybrids out-perform the plot average by more than 200 pounds/acre.  They won’t melt in the heat.  They won’t wither in the drought before the rain comes. They won’t die from disease.  Plus, they will have the best insect and herbicide protection technology available – just like the seed from northern-based seed companies.