03 Jul 2024

Draft Day: Selecting the Big 5 with LG Seeds

LG Seeds is thrilled to once again introduce our Big 5 Lineups. These product lineups feature some of our best hybrids, meticulously selected by your local agronomy team to ensure you have the right seeds in the field. 

They are some of the very best products in the game, designed to help you achieve the consistent, reliable yields LG Seeds is known for.

These hybrids have proven their worth through superior performance and exceptional fit within their respective regions. By tailoring our selections to regional agronomic needs, we ensure that at least one of these products will meet, if not exceed, your farm's goals and needs.

How We Choose the Big 5

Regional Relevance

We divide our nationwide growing areas into 17 regions. For each region, we hand-pick five hybrids that best demonstrate success there. Each product selected for the Big 5 campaign is chosen based on regional agronomic factors such as climate, soil types and disease levels. This approach ensures hybrids are tailored to the specific needs of farmers across all regions. 

While not every Big 5 hybrid will be the best solution for every growing area, each lineup guarantees at least one top-notch selection bound to meet your needs. Work with your LG Seeds agronomist to find the perfect match for your fields.

Agronomist Expertise

Our agronomy team takes on the responsibility of selecting the Big 5 lineups — after all, who’s better suited for the job? Our agronomy experts understand the strengths and capabilities of different products, making them essential in the selection, naming, and iconography of each region’s Big 5. They know the products inside and out, after observing them both in LG Seeds product test plots and customers’ fields. 

The agronomy team’s hands-on experience and observations provide the confidence that these hybrids are the real deal. When an agronomist sees firsthand that a product exhibits stellar performance despite adversity, you know you can trust it’s worth planting.

Collaboration and Agronomic Influence

Effective collaboration among our marketing, commercial and agronomy teams is crucial for success. By combining our expertise, we maximize our understanding of the products and their value. This synergy ensures the right products reach the right audience — ultimately benefiting our farmers.

Tailored to Your Needs

With more than 97 hybrids available, choosing the right one can be difficult. By narrowing down those selections to region-specific Big 5 options, we hope to make that decision less stressful. 

These hybrids are our specials for a reason — each has unique characteristics and fits the needs of the region in which they were selected. This focused approach ensures farmers have access to the very best products tailored to their specific needs.

The Big 5: Your Starting Lineup

From Washington to South Texas and Ohio to the Golden State, the LG Seeds Big 5 lineups include some of the best products in the game, ready to boost your yields and ROI in any of the 17 regions you call home. Browse all the Big 5 lineups here.

Interested in adding a Big 5 hybrid to your lineup to help fit your specific needs? Reach out to your LG Seeds agronomist today to find dependable seed solutions from the lineup that’s built for how you grow.