08 Feb 2024

The Best of the Big 5: Introducing the Player of the Year

Last fall, LG Seeds agronomists across the country came together to select the top corn hybrids for each growing region. Those Big 5 Lineups represent the best of what LG Seeds has to offer. 

And while these hybrids triumphed across the board, there were a few players that stood out across all regions. For that handful of top performers, our team bestowed Big 5 Player of the Year honors.

So, who brought home the gold? The results are in.

LG63C82: The Real MVP

The Great One” truly lived up to its name and brought home the gold as the LG Seeds Big 5 Player of the Year. Always a lead dog among the pack of superior LG Seeds hybrids, LG63C82 once again proved its worth in 2023.

What makes The Great One so, well… great? Versatility and performance.

Last season, as much of the country battled heat and drought, LG63C82's genetic advantage took center stage and helped it deliver consistently across growing regions.

LG63C82 maximized the acres it was grown on. Whether planted at populations of 16K, 36K or anywhere in between, The Great One optimized field potential and delivered impressive yields in a variety of situations. Just check out these stats from the 2023 growing season:

  • In Iowa: 299.6 Bu/A @ 14.2% moisture
  • In Tennessee: 310.9 Bu/A @ 15.5% moisture
  • On irrigated acres in Nebraska: 320.4 Bu/A @ 14.9% moisture
  • Planting at a population of 20K on irrigated acres in Oklahoma: 156.5 Bu/A @ 10.2% moisture

Our agronomists agree that LG63C82 did what it always does: it showed up.

A resilient and reliable hybrid, LG63C82 was a proven performer that maximized each acre and made growers the real winners at harvest time.

LG64C43: A Close Second

LG63C82 may have been the overall winner, but LG64C43 was the MVP of the South. A champion of the early season, “The Heavy Hitter” came out swinging with excellent emergence and early vigor.

With success from Iowa to Tennessee and Indiana to Oklahoma, LG64C43 is built for yield and was reliable across a wide range of conditions in 2023. Performing well with high populations, low populations, in drought conditions and on irrigated land, The Heavy Hitter was a healthy plant that also had a high response to fungicide applications. Take a look at these numbers:

  • In Nebraska: 308.7 Bu/A @ 17.4% moisture
  • In Illinois: 290.4 Bu/A @ 19.1% moisture
  • Planting at a population of 20K on non-irrigated acres in Oklahoma: 148.2 Bu/A @ 10.5% moisture

LG64C43 was a solid hybrid that proved to be the king of the South. But up north, another draft pick was eyeing a spot among the top three.

LG51C62: Bringing Home The Bronze

Rounding out the top three, LG51C62 loved those cooler temps and was our agronomists’ MVP of the North. This “#1 Draft Pick” was a newer addition to the LG Seeds lineup and really performed in the late-season.

With impressive disease tolerance and good staygreen potential, LG51C62 featured consistently sized ears and highly competitive yields. Performing its best in optimal soil conditions, the #1 Draft Pick ended 2023 with some outstanding stats:

  • In Michigan: 256 Bu/A @ 20% moisture
  • In Illinois: 254.8 Bu/A @ 17.6% moisture
  • In Wisconsin: 244.6 Bu/A @ 19.4% moisture

Proving its worth in unique conditions, LG51C62 was a reliable hybrid and is worth keeping an eye on.

The Honorable Mentions

Although they didn’t break into the top three, LG66C06 and LG59C72 were two Big 5 hybrids that showed up strong this season and proved their value.

Armed with stellar disease tolerance, LG66C06 lived up to its “Problem Solver” name, producing a whopping 301.9 Bu/A at 19% moisture in Indiana. 

The Showboat” did what it does best—performing well across a wide range of conditions. With a broad acre fit across the Corn Belt, LG59C72 showed that it can be planted practically anywhere the maturity is appropriate. It produced an impressive 259.1 Bu/A at 20% moisture in Iowa.

Proof in the Field

The Big 5 Lineups showcased the best of the best in the LG Seeds toolbelt and can provide the hybrid choices you need—without the distractions. Reach out to your LG Seeds agronomist for help selecting the best hybrids for your farm this growing season.